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Christmas Movie Infanterix Moosach

Unfortunately this year among other things, our Christmas party was cancelled. We started to think about what we could do to share some kindergarten fun with the parents.
The Kindergarden children made a Christmas Movie this year. The children started the process in morning circle where the children could give ideas of what they would like to see in a Christmas movie. The children were then divided into groups where they could pick characters including penguins and even a red christmas crocodile! The children then developed the story together using pictures they drew as inspiration.
The children then began making the set and the characters from clay. When the children were finished then it came to shooting the movie. The set for their movie included using a phone on a tripod and a clicker so the kids could take the photos as they moved all the characters accordingly. To finish off the movie we also needed some Christmas songs which we recorded. A huge team effort by all involved.
The children had so much fun and a project like this is not just about fun!
The childrens cognitive development and imagination are furthered through creativity. Their fine motor skills are further developed through making their clay characters. Their social and emotional development is also furthered through these group projects where their willingness to participate democratically among other aspects are greatly developed. Just a mention a few ūüôā
All in all the film was created using over 500 photos and the whole process took more than a month. Projects like this take lots of planning, patience, guidance and teamwork. Most importantly the childrens interests and ideas are the focus point with lots of fun along the way.