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Educational Partners

The aim of Experimento, the Educational Program of the Siemens Foundation, is to promote scientific- and technical competence of children as well as wake their interest and kindle the enthusiasm. Within the framework of its educational program, the Siemens Foundation collaborates with partners like, TUM School of Education, LMU Munich and Infanterix to promote science and technology education.

Experimento | 4+ for 4- to 7-year-olds, is based on the principle of learning through discovery in a way that is appropriate to their age group through a selection of diverse topics in the areas of energy, health, and environment. The children aren’t only encouraged to explore, but also to reflect upon and understand and further develop their knowledge.

Since 2016, Infanterix has had immense success implementing the experimental kits from Experimento, which have been accepted with great enthusiasm.

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As part of the German-French Agenda 2020, we decided to set up a network of at least 200 bilingual Child Day Care Centers/ Écoles maternelles in both Germany and in France.

The “Elysée Kita 2020“is certificated in accordance with a German-French quality charter in combination with national requirements from Germany and France.

The goal is to make a constructive contribution towards a Multilingual Europe. By supporting the Language development from an early age, the communication skills, which are vital for the cognitive and social development of a person’s identity, are created and constantly expanded.Furthermore, the children develop cultural competence and are guided towards tolerance.The Certification is acquired through the responsible state ministries and the German-French Expert Commission for General Education.The project is implemented in the daily kindergarten routine as follow:Apart from the respective native language, the partner language is also promoted through regular, age-appropriate communication. This is either done in form of regular offers during the week, or by total immersion.

We are proud that all our facilities carry the „Elysée Kita 2020“certificate.

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The State Institute of Early Childhood Research in Munich, IFP, is jointly responsible for publishing The Bavarian Education and Child Care Plan (Bayerischer Bildungs- und Erziehungsplan) as well as numerous other publications. The IFP is a vital partner for Infanterix, as it offers our pedagogical staff expert advice in the field of quality and organizational development.

Since 2018, Infanterix has been participating in the pilot study from the IFP: “Fostering digital literacy in early childhood education and care”.

In our increasingly digitized society, the development of the educational mission to foster digital literacy in early childhood settings has become increasingly important. Already the smallest children are able to perceive the huge impact the media has on adults around them. The children’s fascination toward digital media is strengthened through the increasing use of digital media by their parents or caregivers. Through their observation, the children gain comprehensive media experience from a very early age.

Together with the IFP, Infanterix is committed to implementing digital and media literacy responsibly.

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Infanterix is a member of the DBTK. The DBTK is an Umbrella Association of the Bavarian Carrier for Day Care Centers founded in 2007. The Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Benjamin Tajedini, is also the Managing Director of Infanterix.

The DBTK has 40 members. In the 200 facilities throughout Bavaria (of which 150 are in Munich), approximately 8.000 children are been cared for by more than 2.000 employees.

The members of the DBTK communicate and identify common values and stand for equal opportunities and rights for private, profit- and non-profit child care centers.

Hand in hand they approach forthcoming challenges, with the aim to convey values, which go above the binding quality standard of The Bavarian Education and Child Care Plan (Bayerischer Bildungs- und Erziehungsplan).

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Vocational colleges and universities

Infanterix collaborates with vocational colleges and universities both locally and abroad in order to find the best qualified staff for all facilities. By presenting our educational approach in pedagogical academies and universities, we are constantly in contact with teachers and future graduates. Locally, the students show special interest in our lectures on the successful implementation of the bilingual concept in Germany. Whereas abroad, we discuss and elaborate on the Bavarian Education Guidelines. Students are welcome to do an internship with us at any time.