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Haidhausen 2

Munich East, Munich Center

About Infanterix Haidhausen 2

The establishment consists of a nursery group in which we offer the German-English Infanterix language concept. This group offers space for 12 children between the ages of 6 months to 3 years. Our establishment is located on the ground floor of a south-facing building in Einsteinstraße 121. The bright spacious rooms are also decorated and filled using the same concept and high quality. With great attention to detail, we have designed a child’s paradise for the very young. The different areas and topic corners provide plenty of fun and variety, again while maintaining our cozy concept. In the courtyard we have an enclosed playground which is very convenient for outdoor activity and provides lots of shade in the summer time.

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Opening hours and closing time

Opening hours 
Monday through Friday: 8:00 until 16:30


Public Holidays & Vacation 2022/2023

Conception Days 2022/2023

23. + 24.06.2022
29. + 30.09.2022
26. + 27.01.2023
27. + 28.04.2023
22. + 23.06.2023



Our monthly costs 2022/2023 are as follows:


Infanterix nursery Haidhausen 2:

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Should Infanterix Haidhausen 2 become unable to claim official funding from the city of Munich, we will charge the following:


Infanterix nursery Haidhausen 2:

booking hoursbooking feesin addition, food costsin addition, toy/material costs/others
> 4-5 hours495,00 €80,00 €25,00 €
> 5-6 hours625,00 €90,00 €25,00 €
> 6-7 hours685,00 €90,00 €25,00 €
> 7-8 hours735,00 €100,00 €25,00 €
> 8-9 hours805,00 €100,00 €25,00 €
more than 9 hours865,00 €100,00 €25,00 €


Our core hours are daily from Monday to Friday from 08:45am until 12:45pm. The booking of these core hours are mandatory for each child.

The monthly parental contribution is an essential part of our operating costs. This is why payment must be made even when we are temporarily closed or if the child is absent for a longer period of time.

Upon execution of the service contract, a security payment of 1.000€ shall be become due.

The payment will be reimbursed within 8 weeks after the child leaves our facility.

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Infanterix Haidhausen 2
Einsteinstraße 121
81675 Munich

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Telefon +49 (89) 97 39 46 99
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