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It is quality that stands above all else:

In order to ensure the best possible care and support for the children, we have integrated Infanterix quality management firmly into our daily work.

This includes both the ongoing education and training of educational staff as well as the transparent involvement of the parents in our work, with regard to new pedagogical findings and developments on the one hand and new organizational / administrative procedures on the other.

For our employees, we organise conception days every quarter, during which we discuss and develop new ideas and concepts. Regular team meetings, which are held once a week per group, and once a month for the entire facility, encourage collective team awareness in order to achieve common goals. The half-yearly employee appraisal meetings not only provide us with information about the individual’s knowledge and abilities but also about personal wishes and ambitions.

It is standard practice for our educational staff to participate in regular events, courses and seminars. This ensures that pedagogical work is always based on current developments and findings.

The fact that we place great importance on linguistic competence is self-evident with the implementation of our bilingual concept and the appointment of foreign employees. Linguistic competence is not only a basic prerequisite for working with the children, but also for communicating with their parents. In order to improve language skills as required, employees attend language courses in cooperation with Peters-Bildungs Institute.

An important contribution to our quality management is the transfer diary, which educational staff use on a daily basis with shift changes in order to keep up-to-date with all important and specific information about the child. It helps staff to be able to react to the situation and the child’s sensitivities at any time.

However, quality management comes into effect not only by educational staff but also in close dialogue with the parents. At Infanterix we give the greatest possible opportunity for parental involvement. This includes but is not limited to regular development meetings and the annual parents’ questionnaire. A portfolio, which is created for each child, documents their educational and developmental status. This portfolio can be viewed by parents at any time and is handed over to them on the last day.