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• Organic and whole foods

• High quality meal options

• Inclusion of all involved

• Gradual familiarisation with a new environment

• Adaptation in accordance with INFANS

• Promotion of preliminary school-related skills

• Cooperation with schools and the Bavarian Ministry of Education

• Preschool in the last year of kindergarten

• Bilingualism

• Dealing with different cultures

• Englisch-German and French-German groups

• Understanding of quantities, shapes, sizes, length and colour with all senses

• Sort, arrange and compare materials

• Recognise and name numbers

• Develop a sense of personal wellbeing

• Aquire skills for personal hygiene

• Oral and dental care

• Songs and sound stories

• Enjoyment of music

• Experiencing sounds through instruments

• Development of one’s own aesthetic sense

• Develop enjoyment in creativity

• Create a basic understanding of colours and shapes

• Songs and finger games

• Reading books

• Telling stories

• Morning circle & children’s conferences

• Observing processes in nature and the environment

• Describing sensations

• Experimenting

• Obtaining movement experience

• Conscious handling of the body

• Increasing physical well-being


Which of our facilities is best suited to your child’s needs?  Find the answers here.

In our 20 facilities in Munich, we currently offer 1.200 spots for children from the ages of 6 months to school-aged. Have a quick look at the features of our facilities.

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About us

About the company Infanterix and the people behind it

Learn more here about what motivated us to establish Infanterix as a bilingual institution more than 10 years ago, how we have evolved, and some significant contributors to our mission.

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Educational approach

Find out about the most important cornerstones of our work with your children

In addition to the Bavarian Education and Development Program (Bayerischer Bildungs- und Erziehungsplan), bilingualism is a vital component of our daily work. Find out here which skills are encouraged and supported at Infanterix.

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Infanterix as an employer and our current vacancies

We currently employ more than 300 employees in our 20 facilities. As our company is continuously expanding, we are continuously looking for competent and committed staff to join our team.  What are we offering and what are we looking for?

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