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Augsburg – Antonsviertel


About Infanterix Augsburg Antonsviertel

Infanterix Antonsviertel opened its doors November 1st.
The facility offers space for 24 nursery children from 6 months up to 3 years and for 75 kindergarten children from the age of 3 years until they start school. The bilingual German-French language concept will be implemented in all groups.
Each nursery group has its own group room with an adjoining sanitary area. The group rooms are divided into age-appropriate learning, exploring and movement zones. The sleeping- and resting rooms as well as a spacious play hall are situated in the basement of the facility.
Each of our three kindergarten groups has a functional side room, offering the children the opportunity and especially space for role-play, building and constructing, possibilities for retreat or quiet-time as well as various educational based equipment for learning and creative design.

Our partly open concept offers the 3 to 6-year olds the opportunity to move freely between the rooms and to explore the various learning opportunities. We encourage the children to take responsibility and get involved in their daily routines, by giving them age-appropriate tasks. A lowered kitchen countertop offers the children the ideal workspace to participate in meal preparations.
A spacious multi-purpose room at the back of the facility offers the children the opportunity for cross-group play and also has a wide range of equipment to encourage physical fitness and enhance the psychomotor skill development.
The garden has several sandpits and offers ample opportunity for outdoor exercise while climbing, swinging, sliding or while exploring the obstacle course. On the BOBBY-car track, the children can enjoy driving around with a variety of pedal- and sliding cars.

Lunch is provided in co-ordination with the neighbouring Servatius Senior Citizens’ Centre of the City of Augsburg. Each day the children receive a balanced breakfast and afternoon snack, as well as several nutritious snacks throughout the day.

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Opening hours and closing time

Opening hours nursery and preschool
Monday through Friday 6:00 until 17:00
Saturday 6:00 until 15:00

Public Holidays & Vacation 2022/2023

Conception Days 2022/2023




Our monthly costs 2022/2023 are as follows::


Infanterix nursery and preschool Augsburg:

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The Free State of Bavaria grants parents a subsidy of EUR 100 per month: The subsidy applies as of the 1st September of the year in which the child turns 3, regardless of whether the child attends nursery or kindergarten, and is paid until school entry. The monthly subsidy is granted for as long as the Free State of Bavaria pays out this subsidy to the carrier.

Our core hours are daily from Monday to Friday from 08:30am until 12:30pm. The booking of these core hours are mandatory for each child.

The monthly parental contribution is an essential part of our operating costs. This is why payment must be made even when we are temporarily closed or if the child is absent for a longer period of time.

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Stadtplan-Aubing Adress
Infanterix Augsburg Antonsviertel
Fritz-Hintermayr-Straße 7
86159 Augsburg

General Contact
Telefon +49 (89) 97 39 46 99
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