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European Animals

During a children’s conference, the children discussed which continent they would like to explore next. To help them decide, coloured cut-out continents were laid out in front of them. Each child was asked to place a glass block on the continent that interested them most….


Halloween was once again a colourful occasion in the Infanterix facilities (like here in Freiham, Neuhausen 1 and Sendling). There were creepy, scary but nice, spooky and imaginative costumes. Colourful and complex decorations and a buffet that is hard to beat in terms of creativity….

A typical day in Neuhausen 2

Today we want to give you a small glimpse into a typical day behind the scenes of our Infanterix Neuhausen 2 nursery. Pencils, brushes and paint are used to create master pieces. We do handicrafts, cut shapes and we play with large and small vehicles….

Autumn Creativity

At Infanterix Blumenau, our daycare center, we are currently exploring the theme of autumn. For inspiration, there are several books on the subject. On sunny days, the sandbox is dug up with the bulldozers with great enthusiasm while the apple tree bears its big fruits….

Autumn’s Treasures

Autumn awakens children’s passion for collecting colourful and nature-inspired objects, like here at Infanterix Moosach. Colourful leaves are everywhere. And since each one is more beautiful than the next, you can’t collect enough of them. After all, there are countless possibilities for painting and crafting…


The children at our Infanterix Sendling facility have been taking a closer look at the theme of Superheroes. They told us which superheroes they like best and what fascinates them so much about them. They also discussed what distinguishes real people from fictional characters and…

The Colours of Autumn

Autumn always enchants us with its colourful leaves and inspires a variety of craft ideas to go with these colours. In our Infanterix Garching nursery, the children created autumn leaves and trees using various techniques. In the classic way, leaves were painted on tree trunks…