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Freiham 2

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About Infanterix Freiham

The facility entrusted to us, as the new managing authority, by the City of Munich, consists of 3 nursery- and 3 kindergarten groups and is Infanterix’s a German-only facility.

Each nursery group can accommodate up to 12 children from the age of 8 weeks up to three years. Each kindergarten group can accommodate up to 25 children from the age of 3 years until school enrolment.

The facility offers a partially open concept, i.e. the children only spend time in their regular group rooms for their fixed daily routines, such as during meal-/snack time, for nap time and the morning circle. The group rooms have different functional accents, e.g. for role play, construction play, artistic design or research and discovery in the learning workshop.

In addition, the facility offers the children multifunctional rooms, a spacious multi-purpose- and gym room as well as a large garden.

A large landscape park close to the facility can be used for spontaneous excursions and for our “Forest Days”.

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Opening hours and closing time

Opening hours nursery and preschool
Monday through Friday 7:30 until 17:00


Public Holidays & Vacation 2022/2023

Conception Days 2022/2023

23. + 24.06.2022
29. + 30.09.2022
26. + 27.01.2023
27. + 28.04.2023
22. + 23.06.2023


Our monthly costs 2022/2023 are as follows::

Infanterix nursery and preschool Freiham 2:

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Infanterix Freiham 2
Christel-Sembach-Krone Str. 2
81249 München

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