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Freiham 2

Munich West

The facility is entrusted to us, as the new managing authority, by the City of Munich and will open its door in the beginning of 2024.

Nursery and Kindergarten

The kindergarten- and nursery groups are characterized by the central multi-purpose room, which connects the two groups to one another and allows us to implement a semi-open concept for all children aged 0 – 6 years. The multi-purpose room is designed and equipped specifically for educational purposes, e.g. as a creative studio, music room or learning workshop. This is where all children from the different groups interact and learn together as part of the educational programme. The room also serves as the sleeping area for the nursery children.

On each floor, one nursery- and one kindergarten group share a bathroom. The children’s sanitary areas are equipped with a changing table, shower, children’s toilets and washbasins available in different heights.


The kindergarten has an additional, child-friendly kitchen. We encourage the children to get involved in meal preparations and as a result, they learn to accept responsibility and participation in the daily routines and tasks. At the same time, the children are introduced to a balanced diet and learn how to prepare nutritious meals.

Physical Activity

In addition to the large garden, the children have access to multifunctional rooms, a spacious multi-purpose room and a gym.

Outdoor Area

The children can move around freely with a variety of wheeled vehicles on the spacious terrace or indulge in ball games on the generous grassy area. In the sandpit, which features a water pump and mud area, the children can experiment with water, sand and natural materials during the warmer months while gaining stimulating sensory experiences.

Furthermore, the children can test their balance and strength and improve their concentration on the natural climbing logs and balance beams.

Our nest swing and the outdoor nature tepees are also popular with children of all ages.

Opening hours and closing time

Opening hours nursery and preschool
Monday through Friday 7:30 until 17:00

Jahresplan 2024/2025


3 nursery groups
12 children aged 6 months and 3 years

3 kindergarten groups
25 children aged 3 years until school entry

Available places

Currently we have no free places in this facility


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Infanterix Freiham 2
Christel-Sembach-Krone Straße 2
81249 München

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