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Educational goals

An important pillar of our work with children is the Bavarian Education and Formation Plan for Children (Bayerischer Bildungs- und Erziehungsplan “BEP”).

Various concepts and skills are reinforced in accordance with this plan: such as resilience, responsibility, self-esteem, collaboration, and effective communication.  Intercultural education, linguistic support, and training in mathematics and sciences are fundamental elements of the “BEP” and therefore part of our work.
By observing the children in our care, we are able to organise activities that correspond to each child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical developmental stages. The children’s learning paths start with their respective experiences and home environments and lead to further developmental processes.
Entering into learning partnerships with children, allowing them to participate in the creative process, and involving them in their developmental and learning paths are key aspects in Infanterix’s unique approach.
Inquiry and critical thinking skills are encouraged through curiosity, exploration, examination, and analysis of their learning environments and natural surroundings.  The children themselves are encouraged to activate all of their senses to interact with their environments. At this age, everything about learning and understanding is connected to active perception, movement, and action.
We observe these learning and developmental processes, document them in portfolios, and describe them in personal learning histories. We regularly meet with parents to discuss their child’s progress developmental advancement.
To be able to cope with life, a human being needs particular life skills that are acquired over time.
In early childhood the term ‘basic skills’ is used. These skills are described in the Bavarian child education and supervision laws “BayKiBiG” and more specifically, in the Bavarian Education and Formation Plan for Children.  They are general abilities that must be stimulated within the child.

All details regarding the educational concept of Infanterix can be found in our overall ethos.

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