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Each nursery group has an adjacent sleeping area including baby changing facilities and a cloakroom. The rooms are designed based on the individual needs of the children and are divided into age-appropriate learning, exploring and movement zones. These areas can be rearranged to meet the children’s interests and match the various stages of their development.

During the day, the sleeping room can also be used as a playroom for physical activities.

The sanitary facilities are fully equipped with changing tables, toilets and a shower or children’s bathtub.

Physical Activity

The sleeping area, which is situated between the two group rooms, also serves as a space for physical activity during the day and can be freely used by both groups. This gives the children the opportunity to satisfy their need for movement even when the weather outside is bad.

Outdoor Area

The courtyard, which covered with fall-protection pads, offers ample space for free play. It also has a has a play castle where the children can climb, slide and play hide-and-seek, and it is also suitable for children’s role-playing games.

Opposite the Infanterix Harras facility is a park with a playground. This playground serves as a common playground for all groups of the facility and is equipped with swings, a sandbox and a slide. In the sandbox, the children can build with sand, pour it and enjoy a wide range of sensory experiences.

The grassy area is ideal for playing, running and moving around.

Opening hours and closing time

Opening hours nursery and preschool
Monday through Friday 8:00 until 17:30

Annual Plan 2023/2024

Conception Days 2023/2024

25. + 26.04.2024
27. + 28.06.2024


2 nursery groups
12 children aged 6 months and 3 years

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Currently we have no free places in this facility


German-English groups


Infanterix Harras
Trautmannstraße 1
81373 München

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Téléphone +49 (0) 89 97 39 46 99
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