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Ulm – Villa SanIgel


About Villa SanIgel

Villa SanIgel offers day-care places for the children of employees of the German Armed Forces Hospital in Ulm. With its 700 m² of floorspace, the facility was designed with attention to detail and a large amount of wood, creating a feel-good atmosphere for children and educators alike.

The centre cares for 50 children divided into 4 groups. This includes 20 children in two nursery groups, 20 children in a kindergarten group and 10 children in a mixed-age group as a transition between the nursery and the kindergarten.

Children can be enrolled from the age of 10 weeks until they start school.

The facility offers a partially open concept with many opportunities for the children to move around: Apart from fixed daily routines, they come together from the different groups for joint play and various activities. The spacious play hall and the attractively equipped outdoor play area offer plenty of space for joint play.

Registrations can be made through the Equal Opportunities Officer at the Armed Forces Hospital in Ulm.

Opening hours and closing time

Opening hours nursery and preschool
Monday through Friday 6:00 until 21:00


Christmas holiday: 23.12.2022 – 09.01.2023

Summer holiday : 17.08.2023 – 01.09.2023







Villa SanIgel
Albert-Einstein-Allee 20
89081 Ulm

General Contact
Telefon +49 (731)  95020653
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