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Over the years, Infanterix was developed into a well-respected educational institution for children and is firmly established as such in Munich today.

Behind Infanterix is the non-profit free carrier Tajedini gGmbH as well as Infanterix Bayern GmbH, Infanterix GmbH and Infanterix München GmbH for multilingual daycare centers.

With several facilities in Munich, Infanterix has enriched the range of childcare with multilingual and multicultural nurseries and kindergartens for more than 10 years. Infanterix cooperates closely with the city of Munich and other townships in order to meet the increasing demand for childcare centers for children from aged between six months and school-age. The focus of the work of Infanterix is on the support and early education of young children in French, English and German.

The multilingual and multicultural concept is especially intended to address the needs of parents who are interested in the linguistic advancement of their children for private or professional reasons.

Infanterix currently offers around 1.200 childcare places and employs around 300 staff members.

In addition, Infanterix has been part of Grandir since 2016.

As a European-wide carrier of children’s day care facilities, Grandir operates 400 facilities of its own under the name of Les Petits Chaperons Rouges (LPCR).