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Our philosophie

Children come to our Infanterix facilities every day at an age where they seek to explore their environment with all of their senses.  This dynamic interaction leads to a child’s physical, social, and emotional growth.

We are here to support the children and offer them the opportunity to conquer their world in a holistical and child-centered way. Through careful observation, we are able to ascertain each child’s scope of experience and interest, which serve to develop programs and activities that are geared towards each child’s strengths and needs.  We aim to stimulate the natural development and particular learning styles of the children in our care.  Daily physical activity, healthy eating, hand-on learning, and self-expression through music and art, are all key components of our program at Infanterix. We work with families to foster smooth transitions from home-life to early childcare to school years.  These children form the basis of our work: it is, therefore, imperative that we recognize the child as a distinct personality that is unconditionally accepted, respected, and valued as a competent individual.