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Sensory Experiences

Sensory experiences can help calm kid’s anxiety, increase focus and concentration, and reduce misbehavior. At Infanterix, it’s important to us to incorporate sensory experiences to help your child find calm. Playing with water or grains, smelling the roses, jogging, running, playing with sand, listening to music, and dancing are all sensory activities. Multisensory experiences are those that enable kids to use their different senses. For example, play dough, or similar, helps kids engage their sense of smell and touch. For this reason, our educators at Aubing made mashed potatoes and colored it with food color. The children could experiment with the mixture by touching and squeezing it with their little hands and watching what happens when the different colors are mixed together. Also an excellent opportunity to promote their motor skills as they pour the mixture from a cup onto a plate and then into a bowl. Apart from the educational purpose of these activities which the children are not even aware of, they just love squeezing the mixture and getting their hands dirty.