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Art Project

At our Infanterix Sendling facility, we have put our focus on “art”. The children are learning about different art styles and artists, implementing projects with different materials and media, and even creating an online gallery where parents can view everything at home.
Among other things, they created their own interpretations of the famous Mona Lisa. The children were able to draw elements of the original painting and incorporate Andy Warhol’s style in their interpretations.
Digital media can also easily be introduced with such a project. For instance, the children formed figures out of clay and, together with the teachers, produced and recorded small films using the stop-motion principle with the tablet. It is also interesting how you can paint using a tablet, change colours, insert pictures and stickers. This introduces the children to digital media in a playful way.
Of course, we also took a closer look at the great artist Pablo Picasso and his cubist faces. These pieces were recreated with brightly painted pieces of cardboard. The children had lots of fun laying and moving the pieces and experimenting with how faces can change through slight alterations.
Collages are always fun! The children learned the technique and created enchanting pictures using old newspapers, clay paper, pens and other materials.
Normally, you don’t play with food – nevertheless, the children were allowed to transform their bread into miniature works of art during snack time. With healthy ingredients such as peppers, cucumber, lettuce, strawberries or pineapple, cute faces were magically created on the bread or the plate in no time at all. This way, art is not only fun, but also satisfying