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Nursery in Munich

Infanterix is multilingual day care centre in Munich. Since 2007 Infanterix promotes children of nurseries and kindergartens on different locations in Munich. Due to the growing demand of day care places, Infanterix is also growing with new facilities.

The “Glückskinderhaus” was overtaken by Infanterix Schwabing in January 2012. Infanterix Moosach started it’s opening in March 2013 with an English-German day care centre. Infanterix is located in Aubing since October 2013, as well, with a variety of English-German day care places for English-German families. Vacancies in nurseries and kindergartens are arising also during the year and because of new openings.

Also occur different dates like information events and opening days for the parents during the year. Infanterix is a private day care centre in Munich and has a variety of bilingual groups in the nursery as well as in the kindergarten.