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Infanterix, the bilingual kindergarten in Munich

You are looking for a special day care place for your child? You are living in Munich, you are currently returned from abroad or you just want to offer your child an attendance of a bilingual day care centre?

The beginning of Infanterix

The first facility was established in 2007 in Neuhausen by Benjamin Tajedini. Meanwhile there are five more bilingual kindergartens in different parts of the city: Munich-Harras, Schwabing, Moosach, Aubing and Blumenau. In 2014/2015 a further facility will be opened in Giesing.

It’s especially important for Mr. Tajedini that he can cater for the special needs of bilingual girls and boys and also of family members. The attendance of a bilingual kindergarten on the different locations makes it possible.

The different day care centres

Every bilingual kindergarten places in Munich differ from each other regarding the offer of size, outdoor areas and language combinations but not from the high aspiration of your protégé’s pedagogical welfare.

The close and personal contact to parents and children is especially important for the owner and his team. This is why there are regular visiting tours of the bilingual kindergartens in Munich.