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Educator – an occupation with future

The demand on qualified educators grows. Our circumstances of live and the cohabitations within the family have changed essentially. After the birth of their child, many mothers are going to work very soon again to keep pace on the employment market.

The apprenticeship to an educator

The apprenticeship takes about three years. Two of them are based mainly on a scholastic training at a professional school for social pedagogy and during the third year you have to solve a probationary internship. Niedersachsen, Baden-Württemberg and Nordrhein-Westfalen have different models of educator-apprenticeships.

The educator’s area of activity

An occupation as an educator is a crisis-proof and responsible assignment. You work at kindergartens, daycare centers, shelters, children’s-homes and vacation-facilities.
Following teachers, educators are the second biggest occupation group of the education system. A very important point thereby is working with parents.

Requirements for the apprenticeship

Minimum requirements for the occupation as an educator is the secondary school leaving certificate and a respective completed vocational training. The contents and requirements for this apprenticeship vary depending on educational background and federal state.

The area of activity of socio-pedagogical professionals

The handling of toddlers and kindergarteners demands high empathy and patience of the educator. Having fun to work within a team is as significant as outstanding communicative skills.

Infanterix offers important basic competences for children

Infanterix, the bilingual daycare facility, is concentrated on individual interests and needs of each child and adjusts accordingly its promotion program. So the educator is permanently employed with the physical, musical, artistical, scientifical and linguistical development of the boys and girls.

Job advertisement for educators

The educators, who apply for at Infanterix, should be familiar with the observation sheet by Beller, Perik, Sismik/Seldak.
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