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Listening to English in infancy, speaking English in the kindergarten

Would you like to enable your child to be introduced to the universal language of English before school begins? They’ll be spared from:

  • Senseless vocabulary learning
  • Strict grammar rules
  • Tedious pronunciation training

This is made possible by the highly qualified native-speaking educators from Infanterix’s English nurseries and kindergartens.

English learning through experience

In contrast when they are at a school-going age, in infancy children instinctively learn to imitate the English-speaking educators and subsequently they learn the correct English pronunciation.

Children who attend an English nursery or an English kindergarten with Infanterix profit greatly from the bilingual education model because they hear English spoken daily and when they reach kindergarten, they also speak it daily.

English language training integrated into everyday life

Next to German, the English language is giving particular attention. Native-speaking educators playfully and informally make the language accessible for the little attendees in the Infanterix English kindergartens and nurseries.

Your child learns English “secondarily”; by doing arts and crafts, singing, taking part in sport activities, preparing food, playing- accompanied in every area by an English-speaking educator.

Infanterix promotes the awareness of other cultures

In the spirit of multiculturalism, the children in Infanterix’s English-speaking kindergartens learn the importance of mutual acceptance and they experience speaking English as a matter of course.