In times of shortage of skilled workers or staff in general, companies are forced to outsource their services.  Outsourcing can affect the consistency of the services provided by a company and has additional cost implications in training new hires.  Inconsistencies in goods and services can prove detrimental to the repute of a company.

At Infanterix, we understand that balancing work and family life is a top priority for most. This means that the degree to which a company is family friendly is one of the most important decision-making criteria for employees. Companies who are able to offer childcare for their employees and work with them to establish flexible options that would allow them to return to work sooner (after a maternity/paternity leave), would have greater control over their company’s productivity and reputation.

Infanterix supports you as an employer by developing the childcare service that suits you and your staff members. Different options are available.

o Reserve a number of places
By entering into a cooperation agreement with us, companies can reserve a certain number of childcare places for their employees. It is up to you to decide which staff member is offered a childcare place.

o Childcare partnership
As a non-profit, independent organisation, we can organise childcare in close cooperation with employers. Through a partnership contract, companies sign up for “outsourced childcare places”. This helps companies make sure that experts take over the care of the little ones right from the start.

o Company-run childcare solutions
Infanterix is happy to take over the responsibility for your on-site company childcare centre. We advise, plan and develop a tailor-made childcare solution in close cooperation with you. You benefit from our long-standing experience and knowledge in all areas of planning and setting up a childcare centre.

o Short-term childcare places
In addition, we offer companies a flexible solution: to book places for a limited period of time. This becomes more and more attractive as an increasing number of companies have employees who work in Germany for a limited period of time.

If you are interested in the bilingual concept provided by Infanterix for your staff and their children, we are available for a non-binding consultation. Please contact Cécile Torrens-Horak at

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